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ARTICLE - Let the British Council die
The British Council is broke. Should we bail it out again? Article explaining why we don't need the British Council.

ARTICLE - Right to a Fair Defence for Corporate Criminals who Never Go on Trial
'Everyone has a right to a fair defence', but white-collar criminals never see the inside of a courtroom

ARTICLE - Open Borders Work - The Inconvenient Truth
Do open borders work? Today we debunk one of the more common modern myths that closed borders are better. We take a look at the century long success story of the Swiss border.

ARTICLE - Propaganda of the Deed: Should We Kill Our Leaders?
Is there a case for eradicating world leaders, monarchs and statesmen? We look at the dangerous history of Propaganda of the Deed and compare revolutionary acts of terror to the acts of terror of Nobel Prize laureates. Explosive stuff!