DOCUMENTARY - The Angry Brigade

The Angry Brigade, Britain's first urban guerrila anarchist group in 1972

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This week we are uploading a fascinating documentary about the Angry Brigade. The Angry Brigade was an anarchist terrorist group who carried out a series of bomb attacks in England between 1970 and 1972. Their small-scale, but frequent campaigns targeted banks, embassies, a BBC Outside Broadcast vehicle, and the homes of Conservative MPs. In total, 25 bombings were attributed to the Angry Brigade. The bombings caused mainly damage to property. Members of the brigade were brought to trial in one of Britain's longest running trails. Of the eight people who stood trial, known as the Stoke Newington Eight, four were acquitted. John Barker, along with Hilary Creek, Anna Mendelssohn and Jim Greenfield, were convicted on majority verdicts, and sentenced to ten years.



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