DOCUMENTARY - Persons Unknown Trial and Crass Anarcho-punk Band Footage

Crass anarcho-punk band with Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud

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This week we are uploading a fascinating short documentary, about 1970s-1980s anarchist movements in Britain. After authorities had began politically targeting anarchist groups such as the Angry Brigade in the early 1970s, the decade then saw massive state investment of human and financial resources in a bid to effectively wipe out any groups politically opposed to statism. The ongoing authority - anti-authoritarian conflict culminated with the notorious 'Persons Unknown' trial. Find out how it finished, we won't spoil the ending!


The documentary also features some superb footage of anarcho-punk band Crass in action, around 1980 and we get an insight into the life of ace Scottish anarchist Stuart Christie, a colourful character who has done some major work disseminating anarchist ideas and works.  


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Here is the video:

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